President's Welcome

    Hello CVHEG Membership Community! It is indeed hard to believe that we are three quarters through 2020, a year that has disrupted our normal operational processes to a more stressful social distancing new normal and constant unknown challenges in this new way of providing quality healthcare.

    Typically, the Q3 President’s message usually highlights many of the Chapter’s accomplishments and the benefits provided to our membership during the past year however, the year 2020 has been far from normal as we all have been enduring not only a global pandemic but also experiencing social turmoil sparked by enduring racial and social inequities throughout the Nation. As healthcare leaders, we recognize both these are public health challenges and require our urgent attention, resources and determination in resolving them.

    I realize we have all been affected by this crisis; it is critical that we recognize that our collective support for each other, our institutions and community will provide the resilience and sustenance needed to overcome and withstand this pandemic. The little things and simple acts we do each day with grace, empathy, compassion, understanding and support go a long way toward having a positive and optimistic outlook toward our families, friends, colleagues and patients in helping us to heal, persevere and recover during these challenging times.

    As your President, I am saddened to not meet the established goals (prior to the pandemic) or provide the much-needed benefits to our CVHEG members during 2020. This is obviously not how I had envisioned leading the CVHEG community in providing the utmost in beneficial education, networking, development and overall guidance to our valued members. The disappointment at missing out on various activities cancelled by COVID-19 and the challenges to maintain engagement with the CVHEG community while difficult, we were able to provide a few “first” time educational opportunities.

    CVHEG was able to work in collaboration with the Triangle Healthcare Executive Fellows (THEF) and the Greater Charlotte Healthcare Executive Group (GCHEG) to share their ACHE Qualified educational programs and their robust Board of Governors Exam review program in which CVHEG members were invited to participate. This partnership also provided CVHEG with opportunities to participate in D & I discussion on Racial Disparities and Social Inequity educational panels for F-2-F education hours provided by one of their sponsors. In addition, CVHEG was also able to partner with National Capital Healthcare Executives (NCHE) so our members would be able to participate in several of their ACHE qualified education programs. Coming in 2021, CVHEG has partnered with NCHE to offer additional BOG Exam review programs open to both chapters. The CVHEG Board of Directors (BOD) continues to meet virtually and plans are underway to provide F-2-F education programs in October, November and possibly December for a total of 3.0 to 4.5 F-2-F hours.

    In closing, I am grateful for to have had the opportunity to serve as your President and work with a very dedicated, enthusiastic and passionately committed BODs and Committee Directors. However, I am even more honored to be a small piece of a membership that continues to stay active, engaged and appreciates the value we did our best to provide during these unwavering times.  Please remember CVHEG is your local Chapter and we are here to serve you; I invite you to share your thoughts, concerns, and potential opportunities to provide additional beneficial resources for our members with us. Please feel free to reach out to me or any of our other BODs.

    Thank you and I am hopeful we will be able to see each other (in-person) again, soon.

    John W. Sharpe, MSPT, MBA, FACHE

    President, Central Virginia Healthcare Executives Group (CVHEG)

    About CVHEG

    Central Virginia is rich with healthcare organizations. The Central Virginia Healthcare Executives Group (CVHEG) seeks to promote the professions of the individuals that lead and help to shape the future of those organizations. Working in collaboration with local healthcare administration programs and professional associations, CVHEG is able to provide opportunities to:

    • Stay current with local healthcare issues

    • Gain educational hours for ACHE and other professional organizations

    • Interact with healthcare colleagues outside of your organization

    • Gain recognition from your colleagues for your efforts in the healthcare community

    CVHEG is an organization that can help you solidify the next step in your upwardly mobile career. It has two distinct purposes: networking and education. Nothing can be more valuable to a career than establishing, and maintaining, professional and social contacts.

    At CVHEG, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate relationships with diverse healthcare professionals within your very special industry, including CEOs, administrators from hospitals and other healthcare entities, physician and other clinical leaders, and consultants. Regardless of your role, membership in CVHEG can help you build upon your desire to stay on top of your profession. There are also ample volunteer opportunities for members who would like to get more involved in program development, membership recruitment and retention, or chapter administration.

    Equally important as the networking is the education component of CVHEG, which allows you to access the much sought after ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits. Some of our co-sponsored programs also offer other types of continuing education credits.

    Best of all, CVHEG gives you the changes to take a leadership role and to help shape the on-going direction of the group and the industry. What better way to get involved, enjoy the respect of your colleagues, and add a valuable segment to your resume!


    Message from Your ACHE Regent – FAll 2020

    Roger Glick, FACHE


    Hello everyone! As the summer ends, I hope this message finds you and your families well – hopefully, you have been able to find time to relax and recharge, at least a little. I have several thoughts that I would like to share with you.

    ACHE – Continuing to Provide Great Education

              Please do not neglect your continuing education during these times; rather, use these times as an opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills, and abilities. ACHE and our local chapters are being very creative as they continue to offer top tier education through innovative platforms. Although the methods of learning have changed, the need for education has increased. I encourage you to protect and build what distinguishes you as a leader by taking advantage of these opportunities.

              Remember too, that you should not only be a consumer of education, but should be scholarly productive through research, writing, presentations, and mentoring others.

    COVID and Social Justice

              The year started with our needing to quickly and competently respond to a novel pandemic and all of its secondary effects. Now, in addition to that stressor, we see additional stress and fracturing of our communities through social issues. I encourage you to be aware of how that influences our teams, patients, and communities; continue to show compassion and grace to others as we grow.

    Speed, Turbulence, and Chaos

              In one of the chapters of John Gribben’s book, “Deep Simplicity – Bringing Order to Chaos and Complexity” (2004), he discusses how, as natural systems speed up, they become more turbulent (think about water flowing in a river), eventually creating chaos. (My wife reminded me that I didn’t need to read a book to learn that; I could simply have asked any mother of multiple kids.)

    For years we have talked about the need for speed: faster innovation, quicker processes, more rapid results. The point that I ask you to consider is that for this particular season, perhaps strategic leadership should work to slow the pace in an effort to calm the turbulence and to reign in some of the chaos. I am struck that our teams, patients, communities, and families are all tired and stressed. Perhaps we can lead best, for this season, by working to slow things, to the best of our abilities.

    Lead well friends!


    Roger Glick, FACHE

    Regent for Virginia – Central
    Fire & Emergency Management Consultant
    RPA, a Jensen Hughes Company
    [email protected]

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