Early Careerist

    Early Careerist Network of Central Virginia Healthcare Executives Group

    About Us

    The Early Careerist Network (ECN) is a special interest component of the American College of Healthcare Executives. The CVHEG Early Careerist Network (CVHEG ECN) serves as the local affiliate to this network. Created in 2013, the CVHEG ECN hopes to connect early careerists together while fostering continuing education, community involvement, partnerships, and promotion of CVHEG events.


    ACHE members 40 years of age and under are automatically part of the Early Careerist Network.

    Benefits of the ECN

    Organizational Engagement: Encourages active participation in CVHEG and supports current Early Careerist members seeking advancement to Fellow status.

    Professional Development: Provides targeted educational and professional development opportunities for Early Careerists.

    Mentorship: Cultivates relationships between senior-level executives and early careerists.

    Community Engagement: Provides philanthropic and social networking opportunities for Early Careerists; facilitates outreach to local students.

    More Information and Opportunities

    For more information about CVHEG’s ECN or volunteer opportunities, please contact Brad Currin and Carmen Pace at [email protected].

    For more information about the ECN at the national level, please visit the ECN section of the ACHE website. The page features multiple resources, including networking and career resources, as well as an Early Careerist Newsletter, ACHE discounts, educational programs, and networking and mentoring opportunities.